Transform Your Room with Moulding from Rex Lumber

Moulding can transform the look of a room, from traditional to modern. Mouldings are used more often where the wall meets the ceiling. It hides the joinery at the corners and provides a beautiful transition from one surface to another. It can also be used as a decorative element on walls. No matter the placement of type of moulding, it gives the room a finished appearance.


There are many types of moulding.

Which type is best suited for your house?

  • Cornice Moulding
    This moulding is placed is at the top of a wall where the ceiling and wall meet. This moulding will add drama to a room. There are two types of cornice moulding: crown and cove. Often pieces of crown moulding are mixed and matched with other moulding styles. Cove moulding has a concave outline. It is also used at the junction of an interior wall and ceiling.

  • Frieze Moulding
    These moulding are wide, horizontal bands that frame doors, windows and the upper part of a wall in a room. It can be several designs, including embossed beading, embossed floral, traditional moulding, etc. A frieze moulding runs under the cornice or crown moulding.

  • Chair Rail Moulding
    This moulding divides the wall horizontally and lines the perimeter of the room. Traditionally used to protect the wall from being scraped by the top of a chair, chair rail moulding is typically about 32 inches from the floor.
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